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The Intersection of Faith, Leadership, and Life.

How to Hear from God

I must say that I’ve never heard the audible voice of God. Most people use phrases like “prompting”, “whisper”, or “impression” when they hear from God. Pastor Wayne Cordeiro explains it like this, “There is a frequency that your life was designed to be tuned to, and that frequency is the unique voice of God. Once you learn to hear it – and you actually can get better at picking it out – you will find that your craving for [...]

How to Hear From God: Part 2

As leaders we are responsible for the guidance and well-being of those we lead, and it is exceptionally important to seek help from God through prayer. The final article in this series will address the difficult topics of what to do when God is silent, and how to know He is the one who is talking. What do you do when you’ve NEVER heard from God or haven’t in a long time? Here are some tips: Ask God to improve [...]

The Leader’s Use of Time

“The character and career of a young person depends on how he or she spends spare time.  The way we employ the surplus hours . . . will determine if we develop into mediocre or powerful people.” – J. Oswald Sanders According to Nielsen, adults between the ages of 18 and 49 watch 25-35 hours of TV per week. And that doesn’t include computer/mobile phone time for social media and other online activities, which exceeds TV time for many. Even [...]

Quality vs. Quantity Time in our Backyard

Maybe you are like me; I hope you aren't . . . My natural bent is to live under the delusion that all is good if I just have enough short bursts of quality time with my wife and kids: a vacation here and there, a few significant minutes during each weekday, and maybe a few hours doing an activity each weekend. Maybe not. Many of us want to live lives that have an eternal impact, right? But we often forget about [...]

It’s Just a Cookie

A fresh cookie . . . A post-prom party . . . An attractive coworker . . . What do these three have in common? You may come up with several associations. In and of themselves, none of these are good or bad. But put in the right context with the right people, you have a setup for a thing called temptation. Temptation regularly happens to everyone, and most of us struggle when we encounter it. Temptation can be defined [...]

The BEST Kind of Leader: Part 1

Are YOU a leader? J. Oswald Sanders, the author of the classic Spiritual Leadership, says: Leadership is INFLUENCE: the ability of one person to influence others to follow his or her lead. So, do you influence those around you? Are you a spouse, a parent, a brother, a sister, a friend, someone with a job or who volunteers?  If so, you influence those around you, and YOU are a leader! Once you’ve established that you are a leader, you have [...]

The BEST Kind of Leader: Part 2

“In the world, the strong take advantage of, and abuse the weak, using them for their own personal pleasures or advantage at the other’s expense. But in God’s biblical design of leadership, the strong die for the weak. Those in charge, lay down their lives for the ones under their care. The leader serves and protects. The more powerful or influential you are, the more humble, servant-hearted, and sacrificial you become.”  This powerful quote from the book The Resolution for Men [...]

Mid-Life Crisis (NO!) Second Half Significance

Mid-Life Crisis    Second Half Significance If you are between 40 and 50 years old like me, you are in the prime time for a mid-life crisis. For many, that results in “trading up” for a better car, house, or (gulp) spouse in a misguided way to resolve feelings caused by entitlement, or not quite getting it right the first time. I’d like to suggest a different path that has a much better outcome for all involved. Last month we discussed [...]

Blurry Vision

I recently went to a leadership conference led by New York Times bestselling author John Maxwell. No one in the world has published more about leadership. But leadership is not his true passion. When asked about the one thing he desired most for the world he answered, “To give people a true picture of God.” Most of us have blurry vision. We don’t have a clear picture of Jesus and the transformational power he can have in our lives. This [...]

What Are Your Guardrails?

What Are Your Guardrails? Are you planning to mess up your life? In a big way? And in the process, mess up the lives of those around you? Of course, everyone’s answer is, “No”. Nobody plans to mess up their lives. And that’s why we need guardrails. A guardrail on a road is designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas. It is there to protect us. The guardrail itself isn’t usually located in a dangerous part [...]