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The Intersection of Faith, Leadership, and Life.

If Your Butt Muscles Tighten Up . . .

Author and Pastor Craig Groeschel suggests an excellent diagnostic test: If your butt muscles tighten up when you hear the word “generosity”, you may have a scarcity mindset. Most Americans don’t feel rich, but we are. Plug in your income at and you’ll find that most are in the top 1% in the world. Even families at our poverty level are in the top 3% in the world. Think about it. Many people in other countries don’t have houses. [...]

When You Reach Your Limit . . .

Have you plateaued? Is your golf score stuck? Have you hit the ceiling in your business? Is your marriage on the dull side? You’ve tried the same things that used to work and enabled you to reach your current level, but now it’s not working anymore. Or have you thought about stretching yourself to try a new hobby but didn’t see how you possibly could learn the complex skills needed to succeed? When we hit a barrier, when we come [...]

Living Our Faith: How Will They Know?

In this series, we have explored several ways to live our faith in order to reflect at least a portion of the awesomeness of our God to a watching world. We have emphasized the importance of not just externally changing our behaviors, but learning to love God and having this love flow into our actions in an INSIDE-OUT manner. Until now, we have looked at ways to live our faith that others can observe, without much in the way of [...]

Living Our Faith: Outrageous Generosity

Stories of outrageous generosity move us. If you watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and saw people in need have their homes completely redone without charge (and shed a few tears), you know the importance and impact of giving. Similar things happened in the early church after they encountered the risen Christ. At the end of Acts chapter 2, we see that “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” Nearly everyone would agree that a life [...]

Living Our Faith: It’s Not About Us

Mother Teresa captivated a watching world because of the way she served. She didn’t just casually talk about serving God; she lived her faith in a dramatic, yet humble fashion that made people stop and take notice. When we think of people “living their faith”, we expect it to include passionate service to others. It’s hard to imagine someone “all in” for God and not having that joy overflow in this way. Serving is important, but serving for unclear or [...]

Living Our Faith: What Surprises the World

During a Bible study on June 17, 2015 in Charleston, SC, nine people were murdered by Dylann Roof. Although it deeply affected the nation, something less publicized, but more powerful occurred during the court hearing two days later (article with video). Several of the families were allowed to speak to the gunman, and what they said surprised the world: “I forgive you”. How is it possible to forgive someone who, less than 48 hours prior, murdered their loved ones? Through [...]

Living Our Faith: When You Put on the Jersey

Have you even been to a college football game? When the visiting team puts on their jerseys and comes on the field, they are routinely and loudly “booed”. Should they be surprised? When you or I become a Christian (, we automatically “put on the jersey” and become a representative of God to a watching world. Our job is to be transformed by God from the INSIDE-OUT ( and demonstrate how awesome God is to those around us by how [...]

Living Our Faith: INSIDE-OUT

We see it all the time. We probably do it ourselves. Family, friends, and churches may unknowingly encourage it. We change “outside-in”. We attempt to clean up our behaviors and attitudes by trying harder to be a better person in the eyes of those around us, including God. But that kind of life change isn’t deep and likely won’t last. In order to authentically live our faith, we first have to let God transform us on the INSIDE, and then [...]

Living Our Faith: Strengthening Our Foundation

Does our belief and trust in God matter much if we don’t live it? How does someone go about living their faith on a daily basis? How do we “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” when it comes to things of eternal significance? The next several articles will attempt to address how we can live our faith in a way that results in an eternal impact in our lives and the lives of those around us. This article speaks [...]

Through the Eyes of Eternity

I recently received a text from my wife Michelle that made my heart sink. “Dr. Solum called. I have small lymphocytic lymphoma.” A few days earlier she had a biopsy of an enlarged lymph node. She was otherwise feeling fine. It was most likely a reactive node from a minor infection. But it wasn’t. My wife, the person with whom I was supposed to grow old and raise our children, had cancer. I wept. For the last several months, Michelle [...]