I’m was the middle of my pre-MBA classwork when this was brought up in my microeconomics class. It really makes you think.

A man was on vacation in a small village in Mexico. He saw a fisherman get off his small boat with several large fish. He was impressed with the man’s catch and asked him why he did not buy a bigger boat. The man responded that he was a simple man. He caught enough fish to meet his family’s needs. He took a siesta every day, played with his children, spent time with his wife, and then headed to town to play guitar with his friends. The man on vacation was a Harvard MBA and told the fisherman that he should buy a bigger boat which would in turn help him catch more fish. He would then hire a crew and buy more boats with the proceeds he earned. He would then cut out the middle man and sell his fish directly to the canneries and eventually move to New York, creating an empire. He could then retire a rich, happy man. The fisherman asked him how long all this would take, and the MBA responded, “only 15-20 years”. The fisherman asked what he would do when he was retired, to which the MBA responded, “You would move to a small Mexican village, go fishing, spend time with your children and wife, take a siesta, and play guitar with your friends in the evening.”

Author unknown