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My mission is to equip you to have an Eternal Impact in your Faith, Leadership, and Life!


Your Faith

Getting right with God and then working with Him to transform others is the foundation of our impact.

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Your Leadership

We are all leaders. Everything we do is multiplied and magnified to the benefit or detriment of those we lead.

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Your Life

Many things in life have no lasting value. However our relationships with family and friends have eternal significance.

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The Intersection of
Faith, Leadership, and Life.

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What Kind of Soil are You? The Hard Path

One of the most well-known parables of Jesus is the Parable of the Soils. In it, He describes the four conditions of the human heart in response to God’s word. Please take a moment to read this passage in Luke 8:4-15. Linked is a nice animation of the story. He begins with a farmer sowing seed. Luke said that the seed is the word of God. It’s the gospel, the good [...]

God With Us?

The word Immanuel – which means God with us - should blow our minds. If you stop and really think about it, your head might hurt. You might think, “I don’t even understand what God is like.” Or “Why would God want to be with messed-up humans, many of whom don’t acknowledge Him, hate Him, or live their lives like He doesn’t matter?” Let’s go back to the prophecy in [...]

Practice DOESN’T Make Perfect

Do you know someone who has had the same hobby or job for years, yet is really no better at it now than when they first started? Sure, he may really enjoy playing golf or piano, and she likes her job just enough not to leave . . . but they haven’t come close to what someone would call a “master”. Why is this? Researchers say it takes about 10,000 [...]